Global Aviation Academy Growth: Africa

Aviation academy growth Aviation academy growth and aviation careers are on the rise around the world. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that commercial airline pilot job growth will climb to 11 percent and above throughout the next decade. This growth, however, is not limited to the US. With need for interconnectedness in Africa, the aviation field across the continent is growing at incredible rates.

The IATA and Aviation Academy Growth
The IATA, or the International Air Transport Association, is pushing governments across the continent to cooperate in growing the field of aviation in Africa. The aviation field in total provides over 6.7 million jobs to the continent. With about $68 billion in yearly GDP provided by aviation, it is no wonder that so many countries are supporting the industry.

Quite a bit of the success of the African aviation growth comes from the absolute necessity that air transport provides. Navigating from community to community and country to country is a dangerous venture in Africa. The ability to throw down an airstrip and have almost immediate access to formerly remote areas is essential in Africa’s continued growth.

What’s Holding Aviation Academy and Other Aviation Growth Back
In a word, safety. According to Travel Daily News, Africa averages one hull loss for every 270,000 flights, while Western-built jet aircraft experience one for every five million flights. The discrepancy in safety is astounding. The IATA Operation Safety Audit, however, found that there were zero hull losses in the over 25 airlines that operate under the strict safety protocols of the IATA.

The cost of flight and aviation academy training is also quite restricting. In some areas of Africa, fuel taxes make obtaining aviation fuel approximately 21% higher than the global average. Even absorbent taxes applied to the actual sale of tickets increase the cost of flying. When the cost of flying makes the mode of transport to expensive for the majority, growth can and does take a hit.

Preparing for Aviation Growth in Africa
Aviation growth in Africa is likely to increase exponentially. Trained pilots from an aviation academy like Sky Eagle Aviation in Miami will have increased job prospects around the globe. Growth in the industry means a higher demand for trained pilots and mechanics. Africa, the US, and the rest of the world is likely to see extensive growth in the field of aviation.